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A Skinny Bitch Drink! Today I am going to tell you how to make a vodka based drink made from lemon juice and soda water. Which is an example of taste itself. After drinking you will be wrapped in a breeze. And you will feel fresh, that’s not all. You can also use this Skinny Bitch drink for up-diet.

Ingredients used in Skinny Bitch Drink…

1 . 120 ml Soda Water

2. 20 ml Lime Juice

3. 40 ml Vodka

Recommended Equipment Used In Skinny Bitch


In this you will need a cocktail shaker with which you can shake the cocktail and also a Jigger (Measurement) for measurement. You will need a key with which you can measure. Along with this, you will also need a cocktail strainer. The most important thing is that you will need a mixing glass to mix the cocktail. Especially in this you will also need Citrus Press. In this you will need at least one ice bag (Ice Crushing) and lastly you will also need ice mold.

How To Make Skinny Bitch Drink…

Skinny DrinkThe method of making Skinny Bitch Drink is very easy.

You have to put a few pieces of ice in a glass.

Skinny Bitch Drink

After that, you have to add lemon juice according to your measurement to make Skinny Bitch Drink. You can add as much as you want.

Then you have to add vodka to it according to his recommendation. Add vodka according to your glass or add as much as you want.

Lastly, you have to add soda water to it.

Also if you want you can add topping or decoration inside it by cutting lemon pieces and applying it on the glass to make it more beautiful and delicious and enjoy it I hope you like my Recipe will be preferred. Below you will find secret tips to make Skinny Bitch Drink.

Skinny Bitch Drink Mixing Tips…

TIP:  You have to use fresh lemon juice to make this skinny drink and not any bottled juice bought from the market.Because nothing bought from the market can compete with fresh lemon juice

TIP: You have to put ice cubes in the glass beforehand so that the glass is well chilled otherwise the ice will melt when you pour the cocktail.

TIP: Chill the cocktail until then. until it cools down to your liking, and make sure. That you have more soda water than needed to make a skinny drink.


What Is a Skinny Bitch Drink…

Skinny Bitch Drink is named because of its low calories, less than 100 calories per serving.. Skinny Drink is number 1 in keeping the body fresh and alert. You can also use it to enhance your beauty…

why do you use skinny bitch drink?

Because skinny bitch drink is preferred for good diet all over the world. skinny drink is another version of the classic vodka. This drink is also considered to be the official drink of housewives, because of its powerful ability to loosen women and keep them in small sample sizes, hence the use of the skinny drink. Housewives do more to maintain their physical health and stay fit.



How do you order a skinny cocktail?
You can order skinny cocktails from any site, Amazon, or any online market

What is a skinny alcoholic drink?
It is an alcoholic drink made from 3 ingredients: vodka, lemon and soda water. And everyone is crazy to drink this drink because of its flavor it is bought

Skinny drinks for weight loss? 

In my opinion, if there is an option for a loose drink among vodka drinks, then this drink is the best option for you. By drinking it, you will not only lose weight, but you will stay fresh and fresh. You can also drink it after the gym to re-energise your body

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